The beginning 2020

"Driving home from college every day I would pass Pratis barns and dream of having a peice of land to grow flowers.... The pandemic arrived our lives changed forever. I contacted Pratis about my idea and while finishing my course in Horticulture I started the journey of setting up a flower farm! The land was arable, used as a golf range, shooting range then stables. A fence was erected to provide boundaries and keep wildlife out, we covered the ground with weed control fabric to kill the weeds. We didnt factor the winds at all,which has and continues to cause problems but we continue to combat this. "

Arable land at Pratis barns

The spectacular view from Pratis Barns 

Looking across to Elie point and the Firth of Forth

 With a view like this who wouldn't want to work here.

"The first few months was a bit of an adventure, making beds to plant seedlings and sweeping out the very empty workshop, I had a lot of time on my hands as very little flowers in the summer of 2020. I did successfully sow and cut Calendula, Cornflower, Corn Marigold, Cosmos and a few other delights. 2020 turned out to be a very wet summer and I soon had flooded beds and a very heavy clay soil. We dug a trench and popped one drain in!! This took all summer!
after that it was clear to help improve the soil  a no dig method would be used or raised beds.

To be Cont......

Progress Continues

As summer of 2020 dried up a bit and the temperature was in the high 20's  the raised beds were made and placed for the section to be used for all things bulbs and some biennials along with some herb's. The use od raised beds will help prevent the bulbs rotting from the soggy clay soil and help prevent slugs, snails and small rodents or so I thought!
The bulbs were planted and progress was being made, we waited until the beginning of November and by the end of Nov the Bulbs were gone! A valuable lesson, rodents like Tulip bulbs so cover with Rodent wire net!

To be Cont ........................


Its nice to get reviews from customers

The planting Continues

Many locally grown flowers are planted every year

Flower farming is labour intensive and very dependant on good weather! by planting perennials, they tend to be hardy and come back year after year and produce an abundance of blooms. I am continuing to expand my perennial section annd also divide some plants to produce more flowers. There is such a variety  already  including  Achillea, Alchemilla mollis,Leucanthemum,Echinaceae ,Asters and much more


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